Sport Business Travel

Sport Business Travel

Tre Emme’s historical expertise with all airport and flight services offers customers the privilege of being supported by a team with an excellent specialization in business travel aimed at professional and amateur sports teams, "Olympic and Paralympic". The sports world needs direct assistance at all airports and train stations also within sterile areas.

  1. Booking flight tickets, train, and ship rides, rent a car and accommodation with 24/7 support.
  2. Extra baggage handling.
  3. Passport Visa management.

24H assistance provided in Italian, English and Spanish with an average of 92% of cases solved.

Jungle Booking

Tre Emme Sport owns Jungle Booking System. This IT software allows the user to book and manage airline tickets independently. Including all IATA Airlines and more than 135 low-cost airlines, Jungle specializes in requests coming from the Olympic and Paralympic sports industry. The system provides only the most competitive fares, it gives assistance for the management of sports equipment and processes requests from the Paralympic sector which can be managed without any limitation.

Main features:

  1. Passengers registration
  2. Cost containment management
  3. CO2 consumption control
  4. Unlimited fare range
  5. Flight duration details
  6. Airlines and Airports selection
  7. Baggage information
  8. Flight details
  9. Online Check-In
  10. Loyalty Card

Sport Airport Assistance

Relying on more than 365 contacts at the most important airports in the world, Tre Emme was the first company in Italy to offer airport assistance to sports clients in the following services:

  1. Check-in procedures
  2. Managing over-booking issues
  3. Extra luggage handling
  4. Lost luggage
  5. Short connection time
  6. Seat assignment
  7. Baggage collection
  8. Security procedures


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