Sport Travel Solution

Sports Travel is a Business travel focus in all sports services requests.

Tre Emme is a Specialist in Sport Travel services Logistic, Flights, trains, hotels, rent a car, and special Sports Travel Insurance.

We make a difference with a real H 24 7 x7 tall free number in Italian, English, and Spanish. Connected with more than 57 Airport Hubs in all over the world to solve all passenger’s problems.

In the last 20 years, these are our portfolio clients

  1. FICK Canoe Kayak Italian Federation
  2. FITARCO Archery Italian Federation
  3. UITS Shooting Italian Federation
  4. FIB Bowling Italian Federation
  5. FIBS Baseball & Softball Italian Federation
  6. FIHP Hockey & Skating Italian Federation
  7. FIBa Badminton Italian Federation
  8. FITA Taekwondo Italian Federation
  9. FIJLKAM Judo, Wrestling & Martial Arts Italian Federation
  10. FITRI Triathlon Italian Federation
  11. FIT Tennis Italian Federation
  12. FIR Rugby Italian Federation
  13. FIS Fencing Italian Federation
  14. FISE Equestrian Italian Federation
  15. FIDASC Italian Federation of Sports Discipline Firearms Hunting
  16. FITET Table Tennis Italian Federation
  17. FICR Timekeepers Italian Federation
  18. FPI Boxing Italiana Federation
  19. FISI SKI Italian Federation

  20. FISN Wakeboard & Water Ski Italian Federation
  21. CMAS Confédération des Activités Subacquatiques World
  22. Ducati Super Bike Team
  23. FIC Rowing Italian Federation
  24. FIBIS Biliard Italian Federation
  25. Torino Football FC
  26. Lega Calcio Seria A B « Italian professional football League»
  27. NOC Albania
  28. NOC Malta
  29. Varese Calcio
  30. CIP Italian Paralympic Committee
  31. FIPSAS Fishing Italian Federation
  32. NOC San Marino
  33. NOC Montenegro
  34. NOC Slovenia
  35. WSB Boxing Team « Thunder Italia»
  36. FIPAV Volleyball Italian Federation
  37. FIH Federazione Italiana Hockey
  38. FISPES Italian Sperimental Sport Federation
  39. FIPC Italian Basketball Paralympic Federation
  40. Serbian Waterpolo Federation
  41. Croatia Waterpolo Federazioni
  42. Hungarian Canoe Federazioni
  43. Azerbaijan Canoe 6 Rowing Federazioni
  44. Hungarian Rowing Federazioni
  45. Polish Rowing Federation International Sport Olympic Federations
  46. WBSC : World Baseball & Softball Confederation
  47. World Skate
  48. IBSF “International Bob Skeleton Federation”.
  49. FIGS “Squash Italian Federation”
  50. EUBC “European Boxing Federation”
  51. SURFING FISW “ Italian Surfing Federation”