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Tre Emme Sport is an Italian Sport Business Travel Event Management Company established in 1990 by the Mazzi family, founding members and owners of “Travel Market” Tour Operator and Tre Emme Cargo; both agency and supplier for Team Italia in 10 Olympic Games editions between 1984 and 2002.

A 20-year experience in Sport Business Travel Industry combined with the passion for Sport of Marco Mazzi CEO and “PhD sport event management researcher in IOC topics” has allowed the company to specialize in the “sport event management” sector.

Tre Emme Sport focuses their core business on sports logistics supporting NOCs “National Olympic Committees”, IFs “International Federations” and NFs “National Federations” in the following “services”: flights, inland transportation (road and train), hotels, hospitality sport ticketing, catering and sport event management through the concept of “Festivalization” – cohesion of its three main components: “territory”, “sport”, “people” which make up the heart of a sporting event.

A long experience built during 4 editions of the Olympic Games as “exclusive ATR ticket reseller” (London 2012, Rio 2016, PyeongChang 2018 and Tokyo 2020), two Super Bowl editions, six international BNL of Italy, three Rugby 6 Nations, an edition of FIFA WC 2010 and many other medium / mega sporting events has allowed us to transform the knowledge received positioning Tre Emme sport among the leaders of sport travel event management in southern Europe. A profession dedicated to assist the major stakeholders such as Sport Governance Bodies, athletes, corporate companies, and fans.

Tre Emme Sport team is made up of professionals with many years of experience and certifications in Sports Tourism Industry.

Marco Mazzi

C.E.O. Tre Emme

Contact Information

Email: marco.mazzi1974@icloud.com

City: Roma

Phone: +393483824239

Nationality: Italian

Link: linkedin.com/in/mazzi3mphdsportingevent


Sport Event Management Bid, Transition,Planning,Implementation, Game Time, Wrap Up,” Focus on profitability success with good risk management. Very Good team manager with positive coaching skill Excellent networking in sports governing bodies Olympic and not Olympic.



Excellent C2. IELTS, Currently working with Missouri (USA) University Positive Coaching Institute, American wife, USA job experience 3 years.


Base. University exam.

Dott. Marco Mazzi

Sport Management and PhD academic Sport Management researcher IOC topic

Sports Event Project Manager with marketing, governance management, and operational expertise of 18 years from 26 Continental Olympic federations, 5 International Federations, 28 International and National Sports Events, 4 Olympics Games, 1 FIFA WC and 7 BNL Internazionali di ItaliaTennis Master Series as TOP., WBSC “World Baseball Softball Confederation Travel Manager”,1 Super Bowl, 2 Roller Games World Skate, 2 BAseball Premier 12. All integrated and improving the professional experience with a Ph.D. research of Sport Management studying the USA and European Models, focusing on the sporting event’s profitability always looks at risk management. Excellent Sport and Olympic networking community.


Rome, Italy
2017 - Present

CEO Tre Emme Sport and Phd C. Sport Management researcher IOC Topics

Tre emme sport

CEO of Tre emme sport. Tre Emme sport represent the new modern philosophy of sport business, becoming a Sports Event and governance management company for 26 Continental Sports federations, 5 International sports Federations, 5 NOCs. The Phd C. researcher’s career focus on the management of data collection for IOC topics and Event Sports research for Italian Sports federations and International Sports Federations.

Roma, Italy
2016 - Present


Sport Economy

Writer for the most popular online Economic Sports
Magazine in Italy.

Roma, Italy
2012 - 2017

Sport Project and Sales Marketing Manager

Tre emme

Sports Ticketing Management Rugby 6 Nations 2012 Hospitality Packages for Corporate in Italian territory.

Project logistic Manager and Sales Marketing Director Manager for:

  • Premier 12 Baseball 2015 Super Bowl NFL 2015 Hospitality for Italian Territory
  • Davies Cup semifinal Switzerland Italy.Official
  • Travel Manager for Canoe WC Milan 2015.
  • Granfondo Rome 2015 Cycling MarathonTSA Travel Sale Agent & ATR Agent Artistic Skating WC: 2012/2013/14/15
  • ITU WC and European ETU Triathlon from 12131415
  • ATR Rio 2016 Olympic.
  • Piazza di Siena Equestrian event” 2017
  • WSOP Poker Las vegas 2017 2018
  • CAp Skating Argentine official events 2018 2019
  • ATR Pyongchang 2018.
  • Grand Prix Taekwondo Roma 2019
  • ATR Tokyo 2020.
  • Roller Games 2017 Nanjing China, 2019
  • Barcelona ETU Multisport Ibiza for Italian team 2019

Roma, Italia, Lausanne "Switzerland"
2010 - 2017

Event Manager

WBSC World Baseball Softball Confederation”

Sport Travel Manager for all the International Logistic

Roma, Italy
2004 - 2012

Sport Travel Operator

Travel Market

Sports Travel operator for italian and International Sports federations Management for flights, Hotel, airport assistance.
1.FICK Canoe Kayak Italian Federation
2.FITARCO Archery Italian Federation
3.UITS Shooting Italian Federation
4.FIB Bowling Italian Federation5.FIBS Baseball & Softball Italian Federation
6.FIHP Hockey & Skating Italian Federation
7.FIBa Badminton Italian Federation
8. FITA Taekwondo Italian Federation
9. FIJLKAM Judo, Wrestling & Martial Arts Italian Federation
10. FITRI Triathlon Italian Federation
11. FIT Tennis Italian Federation
12. FIR Rugby Italian Federation
13. FIS Fencing Italian Federation
14. FISE Equestrian Italian Federation
15. FIDASC Italian Federation of Sports Discipline Firearms Hunting
16. FITET Table Tennis Italian Federation
17.FICR Timekeepers Italian Federation
18.FPI Boxing Italiana Federation
19.FISI SKI Italian Federation
20.FISN Wakeboard & Water Ski Italian Federation
21.CMAS Confédération des Activités Subacquatiques World
22. Ducati Super Bike Team
23. FIC Rowing Italian Federation
24.FIBIS Biliard Italian Federation
25.Torino Football FC
26. Lega Calcio Seria A B «Italian professional football League»
27. NOC Albania
28. NOC Malta
29. Varese Calcio
30. CIP Italian Paralympic Commitee
31. FIPSAS Fishing Italian Federation
32. NOC San Marino
33. NOC Montenegro
34. NOC Slovenia
35  WSB Boxing Team « Thunder Italia»
36. FIPAV Volleyball Italian Federation
37. FIH Federazione Italiana Hockey
38. FISPES Italian Sperimental Sport Federation
39. FIPC Italian Basketball Paralympic Federation
40. Serbian Waterpolo Federation
41. Croatia Waterpolo Federazioni
42. Hungarian Canoe Federazioni
43. Azerbaijan Canoe 6 Rowing Federazioni
44. Hungarian Rowing Federazioni
45. Polish Rowing FederationInternational Sport Olympic Federations
46. WBSC: World Baseball & Softball Confederation
49. FIG : International Gymnastic Federation
50. UEM : European Motorcycle Federazioni
51. FIRS Fèdèration International Roller
52. EOC European Olympic Committe
53. CMAS Divers Fed.
54. World Skate Sports events:
 1. BNL Rome Tennis Masters Series 2008 2009 2010 2011
 2. Official Travel Agent Beijing 2008 Olympic Games for FICK
 3. Official Travel Agent Beijing 2008 Olympic Games for FIC
 4. Travel Agent Beijing 2008 Olympic Games for all Italian Supporter Federations
 5. Official Travel Agent for Shooting WC, Milan, 1992 2008
 6. Official Travel Agent for European Motorcycle Congress 2006 2010
 7. Official Travel Agent for Final Four Basket 1997
 8. Official Travel Agent for Italian Track & Field 2002
 9. International Canoe and Kayak Federation Congress in Rome 2009.
 10. Rugby 6 nations team for incoming services Team France, Team Wales, Team Scotland and fans. 2008/2009/2010/2011
 11. FINA WC 2009 Incoming Rome
 12. Official Travel Agent for 2009 Baseball World Cup.
 13. Official Travel Agent per la SS Lazio for Italian Super Coppa Beijing 2009
 14. Travel Manager for Waterpolo Croatian team FINA World Champ. 2009
 15. Official Tour Operator for FIFA 2010 Italian territory.
 16. Tour Operator for Fed Cup Tennis San Diego 2010
 17. Italian TeamTour Operator Italian Rugby Federation
 18. Travel Manager Baseball WC Taiwan 2011 Under 12.
 19. Travel Manager Baseball WC Mexico 2011 Under 20.
 20. Tour Operator for Rugby World Cup 2011 New Zealand
 21. ATR (Ticket Agent Reseller for Ticketing in the Olympics Games) official 2012 London Olympics

Rome, Italy - Chicago, USA
2001 - 2008

Professional soccer Athletic Trainer

Professional and semi professional, High School soccer teams

Athletic Trainer for soccer teams, specialist in athletic test management.

Chicago, USA
2001 - 2004

Sport Travel Operator

Tour Crafter

Sports Travel operator for Chicago Bulls “NBA” Management for flights, Hotel, airport assistance.

Rome, Italy
1994 - 2000

Check in agent

Rome Airport Handling

Checkin agent and ticketing agent for Rome Airport Handling. Management Airlines tickets reservations, checkin, boarding for passengers.

Columbia, USA

Positive Coaching

Missouri University (USA) Positive Coaching Institute

Assistant for Prof. Rick McGuire for European
The Positive coaching and Athletic leadership can help to advance the career leading  athletes, students and other team members. It help people achieve their optimal  performance both as individuals and as team members.

Sofia, Bulgaria

PhD Sport event Management

NSA National Sport Accademy University”

Phd Dissertation:
The tangible difference in being or not being an Olympic sport/event.
Which is the tangible value? What is the impact on athletes participation, viewership,  funding and development at the national level?

Portland, USA
2019 - 2020

Marketing and Ticketing sport sales

SMWW Sport Management World Wide”

USA Sport Ticketing Management

Louvain, Bel. Lausanne,
2018 - 2019

Master MEMOS Olympic Solidarity “Sport Management”

Università Catholic de Louvain

Defense Thesis: The Sport Festivalization in a Baseball Under 15 Wc. How to increase the profit without risky in a small sport event.

Milano, Italy
2012 - 2013

Executive Master Sport Marketing

Università Bocconi

Roma, Italy
1996 - 1997

Master in Tourism sciences

SISTUnited Nations”

Roma, Italy
1993 - 1998

Communication Sociology

Università La sapienza

Thesis defense: Lowcost airlines, new dynamic pricing
focus on increasing the passengers.


STS “Sports Travel Solutions.” A sports event software, focus on risky management and profit, managing at 360 a sport organizing committee.

  • Participation Fee
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • Catering
  • Laundry
  • Accreditation
  • Merchandising
  • Volunteers
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Web Meeting

Data Base Web App B2B contenting all info, pictures, video of Italian sports athletes under 16, with the opportunity to be viewed by a database of 1000 USA colleges Coaches NCAA, NAIA, National Junior college.”


We are sharing the different Sports Business Model from the USA and Europe achievement the profitability for all our sports clients


FIS: Italian Fencing Federation
FITA: Italian Taekwondo Federation
FISW: Italian Wake board and Surfing Federation
FICK: Italian Canoe federation
FIT: Italian tennis federation
FIR: Italian Rugby Federation
FITRI: Italian Triathlon Federation
IBSF: International Bobsleigh & Skeleton federation
World Skate Federation
WBSC: World Baseball Softball Confederation
NOC: Malta
NOC: Argentina
EUBC: European Boxing Council
FIC: Italian Rowing Federation
Water Polo Serbian Federation
IBSF International Federation


ISTAA International Personal Training Certificate USA

High Level Travel Port flight reservation Galileo Certificate

IATA Certificate Diploma

Office Microsoft certificate